Re: Homebrew Antenna

Rick Robinson <w4dst@...>

On 7/26/2010 2:49 PM, D1028Gary@... wrote:
For your tuning capacitor, I would recommend the very compact, 8:1 vernier-drive N50P from Crystal Radio Supply, at .

Hi Gary,

Thanks for passing that information along.  Today I received my order for 2 N50P capacitors along with 2 pointers for them.  The quality and the service are first class and I highly recommend them to anyone even remotely considering building a loop.  Several years ago I bought an unfinished spiral wound loop at a hamfest.  It is based on the "Harley Loop" featured in an IRCA reprint and I've needed a good variable capacitor and vernier dial to finish it up.  These caps are ideal for this project and I'm glad you let the list know about this website.


Rick W4DST

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