Re: WOW!!!!.....Ultralight # 500 is a NEW COUNTRY!!! 1540 ZNS1 BAHAMAS..........


Congratulations Rob. That quite an accomplishment. How long until
600? It will be awhile before I reach 500.

Conditions were strange here last evening. At times it was difficult
to hear the usual stations to the northeast. I was listening to the
debates on WWL 870, when it faded under Radio Reloj. I immediately
fired up the SRF-T615 in order to add the station to my log. Oddly,
reception of CBA 540 and CKRM 620 was very good. It almost seems the
best reception was on a northwest-southeast axis. Sadly I couldn't
keep my eyelid open!

Good luck and DX.

Richard Allen,
36°22'51"N / 97°25'36"W.

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