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Thanks, I gave him those numbers, and asked for a quote for both. He mentioned an OD of 9,25 inches. I wouldn't expect this to be a long distance DXing antenna when it is so small, but it should be interesting. If anyone else is interested, we might get a better price if he sets up and makes several, or maybe not. If I get them, I'll report how they work on the PL-360, and I have a suitable cap to tune them for other radios too. - FARMERIK

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Hi Farmerik,

Good luck on the purchase of AM and LW coils from the eBay seller. If he
asks for inductance values, the PL-360 AM 7.5" plug-in loopstick uses an
inductance of 350 uh, and tracks very well across the MW spectrum. The current
PL-360 LW 7.5" plug-in loopstick (the first of several planned test models)
has a coil inductance of 2000 uh (composed of a 40/44 LItz wire coil on a
type 33 ferrite bar), and had excellent LW-TP chasing results during the
past Oregon DXpedition in the PL-380, logging 3 Russian LW stations in the
Far East.

After completion of the recent DXpedition report, more LW coil tests (and
construction of 7.5" LW plug-in loopsticks for you and others) is planned.
Have fun tinkering around, Richard!

73, Gary D.

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I just sent the coil seller a message through Ebay to ask about making AM
BCB and LW BCB coils for the PL-360. Don't worry Gary, I will want the long
ferrite model you plan to offer too. If he asks, what inductance would the
radio want for these two bands? - FARMERIK

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It should connect to the PL-360 as is, and It would be great if he could
optimize by making it larger for a little more signal pick up, and offer
one for LW BCB. He has a number of choices of wire, and can make these up to
or larger than 6 inches OD. HMMMM... - FARMERIK

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Thanks for the info, Kevin.

What is a good variable capacitor to use with this coil? Any links
would be appreciated.

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Hi Gary:

The only thing I can think of is where I took a 4" coil which was
wound for a crystal radio and connected it to a mini variable capacitor. It
provided a good little boost for its size, and the Litz coil and special
basket weave meant that the Q, or tuning sharpness, was very high. The seller
on ebay currently has a similar coil (see ebay item 330448576470).

Hope this helps - Kevin

Hi Kevin,

I recall that you built a very small loop antenna of about 4"-5"
Is there an article describing the construction of this antenna? I
> > couldn't find it on with all of the other ULR antenna

> Gary

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