Re: Small loop antenna -- Question for Kevin S.

Gary Kinsman

Thanks, Kevin.

I believe the coil seller said 365 pF is needed to tune down to 500 kHz. Perhaps your coil needed less capacitance than the one he currently offers.

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I wanted a compact set-up, so I used a 2x266 mini variable capacitor from "zlowe7", ebay item # 150275619877. As I recall I only needed to use one of the 266 pf sections to resonate the whole band. I think these are the same capacitors that are used in the Quantum Stick antenna. If you go this route, make sure you get the stems and knobs (I heartily recommend the large knobs, item #150275619937, for better fine-tuning control).
I've ordered stuff from this guy a few times, and he ships quickly. He combines shipping, so ask for a final invoice amount if you order multiple items!


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