Re: Small loop antenna -- Question for Kevin S.

Kevin S <satya@...>

If you want to see what the finished product looks like, download the
"Using Passive Loop Antennas" article and look for the picture of a little
green box on page 5. I put it into a green plastic computer diskette
filing box. The article is here on the group, and also here:


Thanks for the info, Kevin.

What is a good variable capacitor to use with this coil? Any links would
be appreciated.

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Hi Gary:

The only thing I can think of is where I took a 4" coil which was wound
for a crystal radio and connected it to a mini variable capacitor. It
provided a good little boost for its size, and the Litz coil and special
basket weave meant that the Q, or tuning sharpness, was very high. The
seller on ebay currently has a similar coil (see ebay item

Hope this helps - Kevin

Hi Kevin,

I recall that you built a very small loop antenna of about 4"-5"
Is there an article describing the construction of this antenna? I
couldn't find it on with all of the other ULR antenna


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