Re: DXpedition Day 2 in Gearheart, OR

Gary DeBock

Hi Kevin,
Sorry about the DXing results of Day 2 in Gearheart, and the uncooperative weather. It's no fun to go to the trouble of setting up an Ultralight DXing station on an ocean beach in the darkness, and then listen to unusually anemic TP's.
Although it won't make you feel any better, my own Day 2 (in Seaside) was a similar bust. I carried my entire ULR Dxpedition station down to the surf at 1140 UTC (0440 local time), only to find that the DU propagation (on July 19th) had gone into rigor mortis. Several tourists on the beach came up to me, and asked me what kind of kite my 3' PVC loop was. I told them that the setup was to hear Australian and NZ stations on the AM band, so naturally one of them asked to hear a signal from Down Under at that moment. My enthusiasm for this type of conversation quickly went down under. 
Although the propagation in Seaside is usually excellent, that Day 2 experience was bad enough to make our entire family pick up and leave for Lincoln City later that day.
73, Gary      

In a message dated 7/30/2010 6:54:44 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, satya@... writes:

Hi all:

Well, I figured it couldn't be worse than yesterday, but it was! Besides
being a little wetter, cooler and windier, the DX was even more elusive.
There were occasional periods of VERY nice audio on 738 (Tahiti) and 891
(Adelaide), brief appearances on 792 & 702, and what sounded like French
on 639 most of the morning (Fiji?) but never quite got to intelligibility.

However, on the whole it was a remarkably quiet morning for DX. There
were occasional static crashes throughout the morning, so there must have
been some serious weather out to sea. While yesterday there was a nice
local sunrise peak that lasted for about a half hour, today I stuck a fork
in it about 15-20 minutes after local sunrise since things just kept
getting fainter and fainter.

So, while the DX was not what Gary found last week a few miles down the
road, where he was listening to TPs on a barefoot Sony SRF-T615, it was
still great to get out and hear what DX I heard :-).

Kevin S
Bainbridge Island, WA

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