Re: WOW!!!!.....Ultralight # 500 is a NEW COUNTRY!!! 1540 ZNS1 BAHAMAS..............

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Great Going, Rob!!!  Congratulations on both 500 stations and 10 countries!

John B

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Hi Guys;

Well like I said yesterday, the Calender switching over to October was
like someone flipping a switch to turn the DX on!! My quest to Log 500
Stations on a BAREFOOT Ultralight Radio has been accomplished, and the
Drive to # 500 ended with a NEW COUNTRY ....Bahamas , which is also COUNTRY
# 10 on Ultralight Radio!! Number 499 was also a Foreign Station ...Radio
Reloj from CUBA on 670 Khz.

The Breakdown for the 500 stations heard is as follows......

468 Domestic Stations
32 Foreign Stations
10 Countries
34 States
5 Provinces

and 2 AeroBeacons ....which are NOT COUNTED in the Totals.

Total time to log the 500 stations was.........275 DAYS.

Don't ask how many hours were spent at the dials.....but it was A LOT!!

The last 50 or so were getting pretty tough to hear new ones...but part of
that may have been because it was not Prime DX Season as I approached
Number 500. The last 2 weeks have seen vast improvements in
conditions...and what was logged.

So with # 500 finally in the Logbooks.......the March continues to see just
what can be accomplished over time. I think I'm getting close to the
saturation point for the BAREFOOT Status of my DX'ing though..... I may
have start resorting to EXTERNAL Loops and other Beefed up Antennas to keep
the stations coming!! We shall see.... is the Last 5 Stations needed to hit # 500..........

Radio used tonight was the TRUSTY SONY SRF-T615 BAREFOOT.

Log Totals for Ultralight are now..........500 Stations Heard!!


1490 WESB Bradford, PA. Oct/02/08 1730 EDT EE GOOD
ID as "News Talk Sports AM 1490". Male DJ with News items...Many PA. Items.
Local Ad for a Financial Company with an 814 Area Code Number.
Spot for the PA Dept of Health.

RELOG...But NEW to ULR LOG ULR # 496 1 KW
1340 WKSN Jamestown, NY Oct/02/08 1741 EDT EE GOOD
OLDIES Music. Elvis...Return to Sender. ID as "AM 1340 WKSN". More Oldies
Music...Soul Man.

RELOG.....But NEW to ULR LOG ULR # 497 500/1KW
1550 WIGN Bristol, TENN. Oct/02/08 1844 EDT EE GOOD
Gospel Music. ID as "WIGN".. Spot for a Volunteer Fire Dept Supper. Gave
Phone Number as 276-46608133. Ad for "The Fire Escape in Kingsport, Tenn."
Call 423-723-7283. "WIGN The Light" Station Promo. WIGN with Offices on Euclid
Avenue. Station Phone Number given as 276-591-5800.

NEW CALLS RELOG...But NEW to ULR LOG ULR # 498 5 KW/6 Watts Nights
670 Radio Reloj Unknown Location, CUBA Oct/02/08 2000 EDT SS FAIR
MIxing with Radio Rebelde Cuba and WSCR Chicago. SS News items and RR in Morse
Code on the Minute.

1540 ZNS-1 Nassau, BAHAMAS Oct/02/08 2012 EDT EE GOOD
In KXEL Null. No sign of CHIN Toronto!! Male DJ spoke at 2012 EDT. Gave ID as
"AM 1540 The National Voice of the Bahamas". Gave Phone Number for Station as
502-3800. Another full ID as "AM 1540 The National Voice of the Bahamas".
Into Pop Music Song by Female singer. 2014-2017. Then into "Island Music" with
Male Singer 2017-2022 EDT. Under KXEL by 2022 EDT.

RELOG....But NEW to ULR LOG ULR # 500 50 KW Country # 10 on ULR


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