Re: Terminally ill PL-310 ... or not

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The first suggestion is to make sure the words NiMH battery do not appear in the display when using alkaline batteries. The second is to make sure those words appear when using rechargables. Only use NiMH rechargables... do not use Lithium-Ions or NiCad's.

There is a [///} below the "M" button. When the power is off, that button toggles between Alkalines (no display) and NiMH (displayed as "NiMH battery" on left side of display)

Paul S. in CT

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Earlier this wek I received a new PL-310 from one of the Hong Kong eBay vendors.� It worked fine for an afternoon and then started constantly showing the low battery indication.� End of functioning PL-310 despite some ideas from the seller and my switching out numerous batteries numerous times.� The vendor finally refunded $5 (!) and told me to have it repaired locally. As if. �All of my stuff is still packed away, so I can't mess with it.� Has anybody run into this problem?� If there is no reasonable fix, I'll have a low mileage PL-310 suitable for parts available for the postage.� Thanks for any thoughts.
Bob Coomler
Tucson, AZ

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