Re: Ultralight South Pacific DX- The Best MP3's

Gary DeBock

Thanks Gary,
Yes, I had the PL-380's 1 kHz DSP filter set and left alone, during the whole week in Oregon :-)
This was probably the PL-380's first real test in a tough DXpedition environment (chasing relatively weak, 9 kHz-split targets with serious domestic splatter on the back side of the 3' portable PVC loop), and I have to say that in general, it performed very well. The upcoming fall DX season looks bright indeed, for PL-380 TA and TP chasers!
73, Gary D. 

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This is very cool stuff, Gary.

It sounds like you may have been using the 1 kHz filter on your PL-380.

- Gary K.

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> Hello All,
> After sorting through about 88 MP3's from the recent Oregon Beach ULR DXpedition, I noticed that certain Australian and New Zealand stations were exceptional in the signals showing up on the Oregon state beaches (where my hot-rodded PL-380 and 3' portable loop were set up). Three of these stations never even managed a trace for John B. or I at Grayland, Washington during 7 previous Ultralight DU-DXpeditions, despite John's use of highly sensitive Wellbrook arrays. This provided strong evidence that the Oregon beaches have may have a propagation edge over that famous site for South Pacific DX reception.
> 73, Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)

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