Some More New Stations

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I aas able to spend some time at the dials last night again. Added two more states, now up to 12 and 47 stations (and hundreds to go!)

1220 WHKW Cleveland, OH 7/29/10 0254z Religious talk, @ 0259 Female, "1220 The Word." (PL-360 with 7.5" loopstick)

1290 WHIO Dayton, OH 7/29/10 0236z Male, "News Radio WHIO." Interference from WIRL Peoria, IL (PL-360 with 7.5" loopstick)

1350 KRNT Des Moines, IA 7/29/10 0236z Male, "KRNT Where the Legend Lives." (PL-360 with 7.5" loopstick)

1410 WRMN Elgin, IL 7/29/10 0230z Male, "WRMN 1410." (PL-360 with 7.5" loopstick)

1420 WVJS Owensboro, KY 7/29/10 0207z Fleetwood Mac song, then Male with call letters, then song, "Do You Love Me." (PL-360 with 7.5" loopstick)

1440 WROK Rockford, IL 7/29/10 0202z CBS News in progress. At 0205z male, "News Talk Radio 1440 WROK." (PL-360 with 7.5" loopstick)

1470 WMBD Peoria, IL 7/29/10 0157z St. Louis Cardinals game, Male "Cardinals Radio WMBD." (PL-360 with 7.5" loopstick)

John Mosman
Mt. Prospect, IL

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