Ultralight South Pacific DX- The Best MP3's

Gary DeBock

Hello All,
After sorting through about 88 MP3's from the recent Oregon Beach ULR DXpedition, I noticed that certain Australian and New Zealand stations were exceptional in the signals showing up on the Oregon state beaches (where my hot-rodded PL-380 and 3' portable loop were set up). Three of these stations never even managed a trace for John B. or I at Grayland, Washington during 7 previous Ultralight DU-DXpeditions, despite John's use of highly sensitive Wellbrook arrays. This provided strong evidence that the Oregon beaches have may have a propagation edge over that famous site for South Pacific DX reception.
For those interested, these seven exceptional MP3's of South Pacific DX are linked below. The full DXpedition report should be completed shortly.
1) 738-2NR, Grafton, Australia (50 kw)   The signal strength of this ABC station was amazing, although it frequently mixed with the 738-Radio Tahiti station (which was also strong). This recording was made on the Seaside, Oregon beach at 1240Z on July 18th  http://www.mediafire.com/?h97pv3inxv2hr27 . 738-Tahiti (in French) was also a blaster, though, and when these two stations chose to fight it out, the results could sound almost catastrophic (like this recording in Lincoln City at 1255Z on July 20th, which pegged the PL-380's S/N display at 55/25): http://www.mediafire.com/?eea954j14dmzalm
2) 675-3YA, Christchurch, New Zealand (10 kw)   For some strange reason, this National Radio station had much better strength in Oregon than it usually did in Grayland, and was the most reliable Kiwi "big gun" during the DXpedition. This recording was made at 1239Z at Lincoln City on July 24th (the last day of the trip):
3) 891-5AN, Adelaide, Australia (50 kw)  This was another ABC transmitter with reliable power almost every morning. This recording (with an ABC identification) was made at 1225Z on July 22nd at Lincoln City, promoting the ABC's coverage of the upcoming Australian election season (perhaps an odd way to try attracting listeners?)   http://www.mediafire.com/?7024pszgdr8vs4o
4) 639-2HC (presumed), Coff's Harbour, Australia (5 kw)  Despite this talk station's strength on the MP3 recorded at 1257Z in Seaside on July 18th, neither John B. or I had never received even a trace of it at Grayland with Ultralight gear.  http://www.mediafire.com/?c1nwlbzljz4y23k . Presumed ID was derived from info provided by Chuck Hutton and Bruce Portzer.
5) 630-Radio Waatea, Auckland, New Zealand (5 kw)  This was another strong Lincoln City regular that had never shown up for me (or John) on ULR's at Grayland. The station has a Maori language format with various types of music, such as this pop music heard at Lincoln City at 1234 on July 23rd:
6) 585-2WEB (presumed), Bourka, Australia (5 kw)  Yet another strong DU never heard by us at Grayland. This recording has classic rock music with a garbled ID (which nobody seems to be able to make out) at the end of the MP3, which was recorded at Seaside at 1229Z on July 18th:
http://www.mediafire.com/?x5avb1mw42lncqj . Presumed ID was derived from info provided by Chuck Hutton.
7) 594-3WV, Horsham, Australia (50 kw)  This ABC station had been received by us previously at Grayland, but never with strength like this recording made at 1229Z at Lincoln City on July 22nd:
Thanks to the other members of the NW gang who helped provide ID help on some of these MP3's, which I hope will prove interesting to our ULR-DXing brothers in Australia and New Zealand. Have a great winter DXing season, guys! :-)
73, Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)

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