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Interesting. In fact, the Si4734 FM preamp does switch into an
extra-gain mode when the signal environment is sufficiently weak.
This feature is subtly different because it is automatic. The
Si4734 is very conservative about avoiding distortion (in FM),
so it will turn down the gain when there is any possibility of
problems. With a manual switch, one can choose extra gain in
situations where distortion might occur, but not necessarily
affect the reception of the particular wanted station.

Manual gain/attenuation control is a nice feature for the skilled DXer.


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Although the attenuation automatically prevents overload on the DSP
radios, there is no rf boost like in the PL200, that can help weak
signals. Thats what I'm looking for in the PL-210 Analog/PLL... a
continuance of a manual rf attenuator/booster.

Paul S. in CT

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Hi Paul,

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I checked in at using G-Translate. Yup, the 3-step
attenuator is listed (anti-mirror reference) in a different translation
providing High/Med/Low signal strength. Meaning it will have the switch.
On the PL-200 this is left-end near top, and is functional on the SW and
FM bands. So my main point of contention has been removed (this one
function elevates the PL-200 above most other enthusiast grade radios
including UL's Re: PL310/380/300wt and most analog AM/SW/FM sets).
Note that in FM operation, the Si4734-based radios also have this
feature. It is not apparent as a switchable function to the user,
but FM inputs are automatically attenuated when they would otherwise
overload the input stage.

The AM and SW input has some safeguards against overload, but it is
not as robust as the FM input.


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