Re: I passed my Extra exam!!!


Congratulations Alex, from another Extra. I can feel your joy.

Back in the 1970s when I was an Advanced, I used to love CW, and hung out at the Advanced band edges chasing DX on 20 meters.

Til one day I got a pink ticket from the FCC for operating 2 KHz inside of the Extra section.

It was then that I decided I had better study for the Extra because the temptation was too great. The best DX was right there in the Extra sections and at the edges. So I did, and in 1977 I passed.

Though not an active Ham anymore, I still keep and cherish that license. 47 years a Ham. Hang on to yours as long as you can.

Congratulations again.

73s and best DX,

Bill, WE7W

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  I'm happy to announce that as of 20:00 this evening, I passed the highest / hardest amateur radio exam in the nation!!! I was only one of two who tested for Amateur Extra and the only one to walk out with a completion form. 3rd time was the charm and by Friday it'll be in the system and next week license in hand!!!!

  18 years ago I was just finishing High School when I got the new at the time No-Code Technician and ironically as I finish one tech school I manage to pass the my General and two and a half months later my Extra. I still can't believe it!!

  Alex N8UCN/AE     

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