Re: This mornings SUNRISE DX on Ultralight....2 more New ones......

Tim Davisson

Good morning guys....It doesn't surprise me AM-band conditions have
picked up.

Driving home from work yesterday afternoon about 4:45pm I could hear
1480 WCIN Cincinnati under local 15,000-watt WHBC (day power). That
told me conditions would be good...maybe excellent last night.

It continued this morning/sunrise in the midwest. Picked up a couple
new stations this morning....from the middle south. Also heard a
couple strong Spanish-language stations on usual 50kwer clear
channel frequencies...didn't stay long enough to identify...had to
get ready for work.

It should be very good again tonight. Want to get some AM DXing in
before the VP debate (which could be hysterical).


Tim, KD8GZ
near Akron, Ohio

--- In ultralightdx@..., Robert Ross <va3sw@...> wrote:

Hi Guys:

Sunrise continues to be profitable for me with the
Ultralights...2 more
new ones today. One of these is a CALL CHANGE for the Overall
both are new to the ULR LOG...

Radio used today was............SONY SRF-T615 BAREFOOT.

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