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I have a large number of old Zenith portables, and I noticed in the SAMS transistor service books currant draw is listed. In the Zenith sales literature the number of hours of battery life is advertised. Many of my portable Zenith's are listed as 300 hours, whether they are mid size and powered by 6-C cells or quite large and powered by 12-D cells. I no longer can find my book with battery specs for the old carbon zinc cells sold in the 1960's, but close to 500 hours out of a pair of AA cells is amazing!

Rechargeable cells are rated in m Amp/hrs. but I have no idea of the rating for any brand of Alkaline AA cells. With carbon Zinc, you did get much larger total capacity with low rates of discharge. The same was true of Alkaline, but to a lesser extent. or so I have read or seen in tests. - FARMERIK

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As you may remember, I do a battery test on all my radios. For those new here a quick review of others I own:

Tecsun R911 and Kaito WRX911: 480 hours Continuous: End of Life 0.95 to 1.0 Volts per cell. Very efficient use of alkalines. Great for camping trips, vacations, emergencies. 2 AA powered.

Grundig G6: Variable 72 to 80 hours Continuous. This set gets louder as the batteries weaken... unusual. Best I've managed to repeat was 80 hours. End of Life 1.20 to 1.25 Volts per cell... you must be kidding. 50% depletion causes termination of reception. in a word, "Wasteful". Gobbles up 2AA cells. There could be a fault in the "intelligent battery function" on this set... it is a first and early production before Buzz Aldrin sets appeared.

So how did the 3-cell Tecsun PL-310 do? Well, it gets 96 to 100 hours Continuous(4 days). Its the same as my PL-200 set. The End of Life Voltage is actually just a bit better at 1.05 Volts per cell, as opposed to the 1.10 Volts per cell for the PL-200. But since the PL-200 is consuming 2 cells, I'll call it a draw due to the increased demands of the DSP-style reception of the PL-310. Nonetheless, the PL200 if a few cents cheaper to operate with reviews here that indicate its performance is not worse than the PL-310. Above average battery consumption characteristics

In summation, most people would be astonished at the R911/WRX911 longevity, and I was no exception. When coupled with its other good receiving habits, I strongly recommend one just in case "stuff" happens. Seriously, one can take the depleted batteries from a Grundig G6 and still get 7-10 days Continuous in the R911/WRX911. Thats how different battery-wise these receivers are. The PL200 and PL310 earn my respect for not wasting battery power when using disposable cells. Four days continuous is very good for any receiver at any price. And to think of all those 9-Volts we went through in the "old days" when overnight was pretty good.

Paul S. in CT

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