Re: NEW SONY SRF-T615 $95.00 ON eBay

starship20012001 <norbert_1226@...>

no matter how to slice it tha price is hard tio justify when one can
buy a sony 7600 or something (although not an UL) but loaded with sw
and SSB and the like in that price range.

--- In ultralightdx@..., D1028Gary@... wrote:

Hello Norm,

This Sony SRF-T615 seems to have more price changes than
Mutual Bank stock recently. While checking eBay just now, all I
found was the
listing from "joynetcafe," which has raised their price to $115
plus $20
shipping. On the other hand, Audio Cubes 2 has "lowered" their
price from the
outrageous $158 pus $20 shipping to the merely obnoxious $149 plus
shipping. If you guys have a friend in Japan, you can probably get
it for $70 plus

Is it worth the price, which borders on extortion? Probably,
from what
its owners say about it.

73, Gary

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