Re: ETON E1.....Ultralight DX Logs last night.....2 New Stations for ULR LOG!!

John H. Bryant <bjohnorcas@...>

Hey, Rob.... oh ye of many superb receivers...

I think that you were DXing on your new Eton e100 ultralight, not your big bulky-but-wonderful Eton E1 "porta-top receiver"  as you stated. This error indicates many things:

1. It is possible to have too many receivers (no! no! it ain't so!)
2. Eton should do a better job of selecting model numbers.... an E1 and an E100 are very different radios, but easily confused model numbers.
3. Since I'm older than you, Rob, I can promise you that the confusion only increases with age.

(uhhhh, you did mean the e-100, right :>)

For those of you who don't know either of us, I've known/known of Rob for more than a generation and, as he well knows, I'm deeply jealous of his multitude of receivers, past and present.   

John B.
Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA
Rcvrs: WiNRADiO 313e, Eton e1, NRD-535(kiwa-mods) + flock of Ultralights
Antennas: 700' NE/SW mini-Bev, Wellbrook Phased Array (pre-production version)

At 08:36 PM 3/28/2008 -0400, you wrote:

Hi Guys:

Well....we had some Auroral conditions last night that pretty much
messed up the BCB ......not much heard from anywhere.....including the
south....but did manage 2 New Loggings for the ULR Log including one

ULR Log Totals are now......................447 Stations Heard

Loggings below made on the NEW ETON E1 ULR Radio.

Still haven't had much time to DX with the new Eton E1 ULR it
remains to be seen just what it can do....especially under better conditions.


1550 WAZX Smyrna, GA. Mar/27/08 2303 EDT SPANISH GD
Lively Mexican flavoured Vocals and Accordion Music. Many ID's as
"La Que Buena". Not much talk....mostly Music and many ID's.

RELOG....New to Ultralight 50 KW/500 Watts Nights
1490 WOHI East Liverpool, OHIO Mar/27/08 2352 EDT EE FR
Ad for "Team the top of the hill in STEUBENVILLE".
Another ad for Proper Diets/Eating.

RELOG..........New to Ultralight 1 KW


Robert S. Ross VA3SW
Box 1003, Stn. B.
London, Ontario

Antique/Vintage Radio Enthusiast
Amateur Radio Stations VA3SW/VE3JFC

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