NEW SONY SRF-T615 $95.00 ON eBay

normwclark <ultralightdx@...>

Hi, Norm from Monmouth, OR here: I've been corresponding for several
weeks with a Japanese seller on eBay to bring the DXing community a
good price on the Sony SRF-T615. Well, Kouei Trading did it this
afternoon by offering two NEW IN BOX T615's for sale, Buy it Now, (I
immediately purchased one for myself) for $95.00 each plus $18.00
shipping. If interested, check it out with this Item number:
370092380636, or do a search by item title.

He also has two NIB SONY ICF-EX5 AM/FM radios for sale, $155.00 each
plus $38.00 shipping.

These are both excellent receivers at excellent prices and the
SRF-T615 is highly rated by the experts on and with the
Ultralight MW Radio DXers on Yahoo.

73 and happy shopping, Norm Clark

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