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Jim <banjojim@...>

1st, thanks for the quick and numerous responses. at the moment i'm
setting up a new laptop computer, my priority at the moment. but in
the next couple days i'll start reading what was suggested. looks
fun. theres a couple fellows who takes great joy in these little
rigs in the odxa group.

the radio looks fun. logging, i probably won't do much with that. i
do some homebrewing and am too lazy to lable my bottles, so keeping
logs isn't in my psychie. playing with toys is. reminds me of when
i was a kid. i had a westinghouse am i got for christmas and would
stay up late most nights tuning around, amazed at the cities i got
here in southern michigan. i love shortwave, but get the same kick
picking up iowa.

the grundig mini, i actually got 2. bought one when i bought my
satillite 800 years back. then in registering the radio, i won a 2nd
one for visiting the site. free radio, can't top that!

last... gotta update my info at the arrl. i haven't used voyager
internet in many years, not sure it even exists. but thanks for
trying. i can be reached at banjojim@....

thanks again everybody, i look forweard to a new radio thats not

jim n8rpi

--- In ultralightdx@..., "Tim Davisson" <kd8gz@...> wrote:

Jim/N8EPI...Tried to send you an e-mail the e-mail listed on
(your ham calls...the address)...but it bounced back

Check out the little SRF-59. It's $14.99 at K-Mart's here in Akron.
had to call 3 K-Mart locations...first 2 were sold out...finally
got own a 2nd, and might likely buy a 3rd (for $15, why not?

The nulling on this little, throw-back type analog mini-portable is
nothing short of amazing.

Give me an e-mail shout, if you wish: kd8gz@...

73's, and welcome to ULR DXing.

Tim, KD8GZ
Norton, Ohio

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