Re: The Tecsun PL-390: a winner!

Phil Pasteur

Stephen, I wonder if the specific example of PL-380 that you have suffers from more than a broken tuning knob ?
This show part of my situation here:
Field (mV/m) Call Sign Principal City State Frequency (kHz) CDBS Facility ID
338.82 KDDZ ARVADA CO 1690 86619
239.36 KEPN LAKEWOOD CO 1600 30823

In reality those two stations are located less than a mile from me. They are 10 KW. I show about 50 RSSI from 1560 through 1750 at least.
I can still get a 10 KW station about 45 miles away on 1650. I gety them at about 54 RSSI and 15 S/N. Perhaps this is not as extreme as your situation, but I have had to put bypass caps on all of my speakers to keep them from playing KDDZ 24/7 with everything turned off :). At 338 Mv/m you can darn near get that station on the fillings in your teeth!

My PL-380 does show some desense with those strong signals, but seemingly not nearly what you are seeing. If I tune down to around 1500 the RSSI drops to about 25 on empty channels. Of course, I have never walked over and stood 10 feet from their towers to compare my 380 with some of my other radios.


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Sounds like a good one. :) Sure, it's not an ultralight, but I've been looking for something to use as a bedside clock radio. My PL-380 isn't quite fitting the bill (besides the fact that the tuning knob is broken), as a couple stations I want to hear are all but unreadable thanks to desensitization from local blowtorches on nearby channels.

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