Re: Received the NatGeo G8

dhsatyadhana <satya@...>


Do you have a stock number for the RS adapter? Others I've got there were anything but quiet.

Thanks - Kevin S
Bainbridge Island, WA

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I found a voltage/polarity-selectable, multiple-tip, regulated and filtered 300mw one at Radio Shack for $20+. Dead quiet on my G-8.

Stu Morrison

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I got mine today. Pretty nifty little radio. So far (only cursory testing for a short time)it does not seem to be as good as the PL-310 or 380 ON MW. Lack signal indicators and multiple bandwidths, but I guess everybody but me knew that :)

Still a good deal for less than $25 delivered.

Anyone know where to get a power supply for the G8? (Wall wart). As normal, Eton did not choose to include one.

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A little over 5 days after ordering it I got it via UPS today.
It's identical to the one I bought from Eton 3 months ago.
I haven't compared it performance wise as I might gift it but either way I'm pleased considering the price.[$19.95+$5.95 shipping]


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