Re: Received the NatGeo G8

Phil Pasteur

You are correct on the RSSI and S/N. I mentioned it was a cursory test last night. All of about 45 minutes at about 6:00 PM local. I had the three radios out checking on some marginal locals. I did not (as usual) read the manual. As the G8 is real similar in function to the PL-310 and PL380, I should have guessed the display could be changed to show signal parameters.

Thanks for the info, I did locate the power supply on the Eton web site. I have an E10 and I picked up the supply for it awhile back when it was new. The ploarity and connector are the same as the G8. Both radios are marked for 6 volts in. The E10 supply is labeled as putting out 6.7 volts. I am thinking that it is probably fine, especially as none of those things are regulated and sag considrably under load.. As I will not likely be using the radios at the same time, I think that I am covered.

I have often wondered why Eton does not see fit to include an AC/DC supply ofor any of its radios??

Thanks for the response.


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You can get a wall wart directly from the Eton store under parts/accessories.
By "lack of signal indicators" do you mean the signal strength and signal to noise ratio? My G8 has this.

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