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I'd love to see the results of a 390 vs 380 head to head MW sensitivity/soft mute comparison...!

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The lone speaker in the PL-360 is less than 1.5 inches, and speech is quite clear, so maybe the two speakers in the PL-390 will do OK. It sounds like the '390 has a longer ferrite rod than the '310, so maybe it will have better sensitivity AND less muting problems as well as the Easy Tuning. Too bad it does not qualify as a ULR. - FARMERIK

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> Thank you all, Marc, Henk, and Kevin, for your information and observations.
> I will definitely be in Paris, Brussels, and near Eindhoven (NL);
> we'll also have a car from Paris, going through the battlefields and
> Luxembourg and thence through Wallonia into Brussels. The Eindhoven
> visit is one I've made many times before, but this will be the first
> one with a good, solid FM radio, I hope. Dutch FM ERPs seem to be
> rather low; the last time I was in suburban Eindhoven, I had really
> lousy reception.
> Back on topic, the PL-390 is sort of tempting, but I doubt that the
> speaker quality would be of much use. I might think about a PL-310
> instead, but I really, really like Easy Tuning Mode on the PL-380.

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