Re: Tecsun pl-390

Mark Roberts

Thank you all, Marc, Henk, and Kevin, for your information and observations.

I will definitely be in Paris, Brussels, and near Eindhoven (NL);
we'll also have a car from Paris, going through the battlefields and
Luxembourg and thence through Wallonia into Brussels. The Eindhoven
visit is one I've made many times before, but this will be the first
one with a good, solid FM radio, I hope. Dutch FM ERPs seem to be
rather low; the last time I was in suburban Eindhoven, I had really
lousy reception.

Back on topic, the PL-390 is sort of tempting, but I doubt that the
speaker quality would be of much use. I might think about a PL-310
instead, but I really, really like Easy Tuning Mode on the PL-380.

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