JOUB 774 heard in Oklahoma on barefoot SRF-T615


For the past two mornings I've heard JOUB 774 kHz using only a
barefoot SRF-T615. It was first heard with a heterodyne of varying
levels at 1018-1031 UTC yesterday. Then a man speaking in Japanese
fading in and out from 1031 until about 1046 UTC when it finally faded
under the sideband of XEACH 770. This morning it was again heard
fading in and out of XEACH's sideband from 1053 to 1127 GMT. I was
surprise how easy JOUB was to receive such a tiny set at approximately
9700 kilometers (6027 miles).

I also had a trace of a het on 594 kHz, but the QRM from KCSJ 590 was
too strong.

I think this proves my theory trans-oceanic reception is possible in
the center of North America on a barefoot ULR, at least one as
sensitive as the SRF-T615. It was something I was never able to do
with an ICF-2010.

It looks like I choose the right time to return to medium wave DXing.

Richard Allen,

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