New TX Sta Logged

Kirk <kirk74601@...>

Since I've been working on some UNID stations the past few weeks and not having much luck, I decided to take a break from those channels. Glad I did. I managed one new sta last night logged on the usual E-100 Slider Murata with the SAT.

1530, KGBT, Harlingen/McAllen, TX, 0600-0700 UTC, 7/20/10, playing mostly grupera Mexican mx w/ vy few anmts. F-G sig. Thought at first to be an XE, but finally hrd an EE and SS ID @ 0700 w/ call letters. With the good sig here, I'm amazed I'd never logged these guys in OK. 715 mi/1151 km from here. ULR Sta #674.

I hope everyone is still having some fun with the radios. Wishing good DX to all, 73!

Kirk Allen
Ponca City, OK

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