New Modified E100 TP Loggings; Welcome to Steve

Gary DeBock

Hello Guys,
     First of all, welcome to Steve Ratzlaff in Elgin, Oregon--  and congratulations on your first Ultralight TP (JOUB-774).  Steve is a very highly qualified technician and ham QRP enthusiast , and has been one of the regular TP chasers here on the west coast for many years.
     This morning was fairly decent on the modified E100 here, with Vietnam-675 again showing up around 1345 (recorded for language ID), and a presumed North Korea-684 (because of the corny ancient music and typical yelling announcer).  So the west coast Ultralight TP chasers are also having fun this season (not just the heavy hitters in Newfoundland and Northern Ireland  :>)
     73,  Gary

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