Re: DXing in West TN


Soil conductivity is very poor there.  It's even worse up and down the  east coast.


POP email is powell at backroads DOT net

From: Stephen

I find it hard to believe that you can't hear anything over 100 miles away during the day!  Maybe the ground conductivity just sucks there, or do you have even more local QRM than I do?  Here near El Cajon / La Mesa, CA, I can hear KNX-1070, about 110 miles away, loud and clear (45-52dBu depending on where I am in the house/yard, usually just about completely static-free) on my barefoot PL-380.  I can also faintly (but strong enough to hear programming) hear KCLU-1340, a 650-watt graveyard station 190-195 miles away (as well as 500-watt KZSB-1290 and 1-kW KIST-1490 off the same tower), in the daytime, barefoot when I'm outdoors (but the QRM in the house is usually too much for it). 


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