Re: Logging stations heard?

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My final comment. When I have a station that I suspect I may have heard but caught no ID this is what I do:

I set my radio to the frequency that I want to monitor and then orient my antenna to best hear that desired station. I use a wonderful free program called "Total Recorder" and set it to record 8-10 minutes at the TOH and BOH from one hour before local sunset and till one hour after sunrise. This will provide me with 16 (or more!) short recordings that I can listen to at my convenience. Through these recordings I can sometimes hear that station ID I have waited for.

So if the propagation gods are helpful I will be pleased; If not I will try again. The arthritis in my hands is too painful to allow me to constantly hold my radio, moving it around to optimize the reception. This recording approach works for me. I do keep a list of possible stations I have heard and use that to set up a recording session. That way when I enter a station into my log I KNOW I heard it.

Neil Bell

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