Welcome to Jim and one new log

Allen Willie

hey, just joined. forgot who, but somebody from here mentioned this
group on mediumwave group

thanks! jim n8rpi
First of all Welcome aboard  to you Jim in joining our group of ultralight enthusiasts. Hope you have great fun with these miniature marvels.
Early this morning here in the North Atlantic a new log as follows::
1500 khz - WLQV - Detroit, Michigan   8:30 UTC  10/1/08  w/ religious program and preacher,  then  " AM 1500 WLQV Life Changing Radio Legal ID and slogan at TOH
Mixing with WWWT  Washington DC for an hour !
*** NEW ONE *** on ULR and overall log  ; - SRF-M37V  barefoot
Allen Willie
St. John's, Newfoundland


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