Re: newbie

Jay Heyl

On Tue, Sep 30, 2008 at 8:40 PM, Tim Davisson <kd8gz@...> wrote:

Check out the little SRF-59. It's $14.99 at K-Mart's here in Akron. I
had to call 3 K-Mart locations...first 2 were sold out...finally got own a 2nd, and might likely buy a 3rd (for $15, why not? Hi,
Sony also sells them direct via the SonyStyle web site
( $14.99. They also have refurbs for $9.99. They
somewhat regularly run various specials, sometimes including free
shipping on all purchases. I got two refurbs for $19.98 delivered that
way. You just need to keep checking back to see what special is on
that day.

-- Jay

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