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Tim Davisson

Welcome to Rick P. to ULR. Rick lives in the area, and is an
excellent ham...specializing in QRP CW. Welcome Rick!

Loggings in the past couple days (dates & times EDT):

1070 WFNI/Indianapolis, IN, 7:53pm, "The Fan" ESPN. This station
had been news-talk WIBC for decades. They moved that format to FM!

970 WHA/Madison, WI, 8:00pm, legal ID, non-commercial NPR/PRI.
1290 CJBK/London, ONT, 6:01am on top of freq., HI ROSS!
1280 WYAL/Scotland Neck, NC, 6:01am s/on amnt., w/legal ID.

Up to 140 stations logged in less than a month...and my DX time is
less than an hour a day. Not bad! Love my SRF-59!

This little radio is re-logging stations I hadn't heard in decades,
AND picking up stuff I've never heard with my desktop communications

Ross...you and I (and now Rick) seem to be the main URL check-ins
from the middle of our countries....huh? Come on others out
there...please join us, and post your comments & loggings.


Tim, KD8GZ
Norton, Ohio

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