DXing in West TN

Rick Robinson <w4dst@...>

On 7/17/2010 8:32 AM, osage_archer wrote:
LOL here in Memphis I can get fewer than 20 daytime stations! It took me several months to get to over 100 AM stations...

Tim C.
Hi Tim,

I spent 3 days at the end of June near Wildersville, TN, at the Natchez Trace State Park. That's probably 100 miles or so east of Memphis. I was shocked at the low number of daytime
stations that I could receive with my PL-380 and Radio Shack loop. My log shows 11 stations logged during daylight hours and not even one Memphis station which was a surprise. WSM in Nashville was barely audible only when using the external loop. I was hoping for some loggings of MS, AL and maybe LA stations during the day, but no such luck. At night it was a different story. KOA in Denver was booming in with Rockies baseball, a rare logging here in SW NC. The "new" WDIA 1070 from Memphis coming in at night was also a treat with some excellent classic R&B.

What's going on in western Tennessee during the day DX wise? I,m going back to Natchez Trace in the middle of August and am hoping for better daytime conditions and cooler weather.

Rick W4DST

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