Re: Expand the Ultralight Awards Program to Include LW-DX?

Bill M <radioexray@...>

Larry Fravel wrote:
As difficult as they are to receive (except for perhaps the north east) I think there should be a separate category for LW Broadcast Stations. Maybe set up the awards in increments of 5 due to to work it takes for most of of us to of receive them.
Just my 2 cents.
Larry N4SEA
Shinnston, WV
I sort of agree because there ain't that many of them to start with! I'm mixed on excluding NDB beacons. That's the only option some LW DXers have available. Catching a 100 watt beacon two states away is a pretty good catch in my book, just like catching a distant TIS broadcaster on 530 or 1610.

New Englanders have it relatively easy...that's just the way it is. West Coast guys are out of luck. FWIW, I (in Puerto Rico) did some real time comparisons once with a fellow in Michigan and we were hearing pretty much the same stations at similar signal strength. So its not a 'necessity' to live on the East Coast close to the water although that's a big advantage.

-Bill M

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