Re: Expand the Ultralight Awards Program to Include LW-DX?


Sounds like it could be interesting... except I can't get anything on LW at all on my PL-380 - I'm basically getting 15,00 readings across the entire LW band (although a few higher frequencies may have a little higher RSSI due to strong local MW stations).
Is there some website I could use to try to find nearby LW beacons or other transmissions to try for, in case I may have missed something, or don't know what to listen for?
Also, I can't remember, but is skywave a major factor on LW like it is on MW, or is it primarily groundwave? If so... then it would be an interesting challenge to do TP DX of LWBC stations.

Speaking of TP, more specifically in the AM and FM bands... As I've said before, I'm near San Diego, CA. If you look at a map, you'll see that there is a curve in the coastline. All of the following stations at least partially go across an ocean (salt water) path to get to me, and I have received them all from here around mid daytime (11am to 2pm approximately)...
670 KIRN Simi Valley, CA
740 KBRT Avalon, CA
990 KTMS Santa Barbara, CA (heard under dominant XECL Mexicali)
1070 KNX Los Angeles, CA
1250 KZER Santa Barbara, CA
1280 KFRN Long Beach, CA
1290 KZSB Santa Barbara, CA
1340 KCLU Santa Barbara, CA
1490 KIST Santa Barbara, CA
1520 KVTA Port Hueneme, CA
93.7 KDB Santa Barbara, CA
103.3 KVYB Santa Barbara, CA
(There are also a few others I left off the list, as only a small portion of the path was over water.)
Considering the fact that much of the path to those stations is over a portion of the Pacific Ocean (I used the ruler in Google Earth to verify this), do any of those stations count as TPs? :)
It looks like due to the high RF near where I live, and the possibility that I have a somewhat dud PL-380, that those may be the only "TPs" I will ever receive from here. :(

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Hello All,

As most of you are aware, the Ultralight Awards Program was originally set
up by John, Rob and me (in early 2008) to provide incentives for DXers to
accept the challenge of Ultralight MW-DXing, and has proven to be one of the
most popular attractions of our Ultralightdx Yahoo Group. Although we were
all saddened by the sudden loss of John, Rob and I have been honored to
continue the program, and have recently agreed to expand the incentive
program to offer new Award Certificates for FM-DXing on approved Ultralight
Radios (as soon as we can both find the spare time to discuss and organize the
new program).

Since there is general agreement that offering Ultralight FM-DXing awards
is a good idea, it would be interesting to hear your comments regarding the
possibility of additionally expanding the program to include LW-DXing on
approved Ultralight radios. As most of you know, this would not have been
practical two years ago, since there weren't any commonly available ULR's that
had LW coverage. The situation has changed greatly with the introduction
of the Tecsun Si4734-chip DSP radios like the PL-300WT, PL-310, PL-380 and
PL-360, however. All of these units offer LW coverage, with the new PL-360
the first to offer full coverage from 150-530 kHz. LW-DXing on Ultralights
will probably become increasing popular as new loopsticks and external loops
are developed to enhance LW reception, the first of which are already
providing great boosts in the Tecsun radios' LW sensitivity. The upcoming fall
LW season looks like a thriller!

Your comments regarding the possibility of LW-DXing awards and the type of
awards desired (countries, TA/TP, NDB states, provinces, etc.) will be
greatly appreciated. With input from all interested DXers, the program (if
adopted) can provide a new way to enjoy exciting DX on Ultralight Radios.

73, Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)

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