Re: Best, simplist, FM ultralight radio?


If you want smaller and inexpensive, then you may be out of
luck. But if you're willing to pay the price, the 5th-gen
iPod Nano may be the ultimate ultralight FM-only DX machine.
You also don't get a speaker and the headphone cables double
as the antenna, but that's generally better than most
portable whips.


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Hey, thanks!

I have one of those, and they are awesome.

Believe it or not I was looking for something that was even smaller, but still decent.

As usual, I'm looking for something that doesn't exist! Ha, ha!


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The National Geographic offer (see previous posts) of the Grundig G8 Traveler II Digital would seem to be right up your alley....

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If I had to buy a very simple ultralight FM DX machine for a beginner, what would be your choice?

Simple is better.

Low price is good too.



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