Re: Grundig G8 for $25 at National Geographic site plus 20% off coupon!

George Sherman

Sure the G8 is not as sensitive as a full sized portable due to no room for a long MW ferrite bar. But on my Tecsun PL-300 (G8) I heard Voice of Russia via Germany on 1323, yes from Minnesota! The pocket portables can be boosted in signal strength with a Tecsun/Grundig loop antenna that costs $27.99 shipped.

I've never seen any radio on FM get only 2 stations if in/near a metro area. But inside a store that may be the case. 73, George S., MN

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Once if in a rural area one could pick up a GE Super-Radio at many places.

I don't know what they do now.

I'd swear anything bought out of a retail store (not internet) in 2010 is terrible. Even FM you might be lucky to get a couple of your strongest stations.

Those charts where they show AM Coverage ? maybe if your in the strongest area of alleged signal coverage you might get the AM station.

I just tried the Sony BoomBox that is being sold in many stores including Wal-Mart. The $49.99 thing. It has direct recording from the radio with a built in tape recorder. Wonderful until I found the receiver was a dud. Pay $50 and no receiver ?

As said I like the Grundig G8. The AM section on mine is not the best but alternative radios in 2010 ?

Radio Shack (bless me) had a clearance on the Grundig G5 at $39.99. I found 2 left and bought them. I found both were used 're-packaged' (sold as new) and one simply did not work. I was able to return that.

I made an earlier post wondering about Grundig warranties. It seems there is none unless someone says otherwise. All I got is 'nonsense' by email and telephone.

Taking a walk in the woods I compared the G5 and G8. The G5 is better as to picking up weak AM signals.(540-1700) At least it gets some weak ones days that the G8 there is nothing there.

The best radio I have reviewed at same time is the Sangean PR-D5P. It picks up the weak ones the Grundig's struggle for and it is perfectly listenable. ya WHYN 580 WTAG 630 WPRO etc. WBZ 1030 perfectly listenable on the Sangean and listenable on the G5 but difficult to understand anything on the G8.

As said I like the DT-400W but wish more uumph into the speaker.

For FM to me digital is necessary. I seem to know where I am on the AM dial but FM ? grrr 95.1 96.7 88.6 grrr don't know

I think that G8 is worth $25. Have a back-up !!! I wish I got the $5 off bargain. (where is it ?)

The Sony ICF-38 is regular $25 and does not have the features of the G8. I just like that because it sounds better but could be better as to sensitivity. ---but a radio from Walgreens (I mean a local big-box store radio if they have any)?

Radio Shack has some new ULTRA-RANGE portable. I never hear of anybody that tried it. I never had much luck with Radio Shack. There was once a popular Radio Shack TRF ? Radio. Buy some extras. They fall to pieces.

I'd assume many of these modern Chinese radios 'fall to pieces' or go into electrical dysfunction but----------- (any choice ?)

Excuse my departure from Ultra-Light conversation. (G8 ?)

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The DT-400W is the little yellow one. It has an OK FM and excellent AM. It's not quite as good as the G8. The FM on the G8 is amazing. The G8 can play a lot
louder than the DT-400W because of a larger speaker. The DT-400 also has an
EXCELLENT weather band.

Don't buy any of that drug store garbage.....


POP email is powell at backroads DOT net

From: terribly wet <zz4@>

The problem is I guess 'plenty' that might be better. That Sangean ? DT44 ??????
-the yellow one- is better...

My G8 is not 'hot' on AM but beats some consumer junk from a big box store. At
night there must be something on every channel (if in a place like NE USA) but
daytime sensitivity is not dynamite. The audio is often hard to understand. (at
least from the speaker)

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