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Hmm.... well I was reading the reviews, and considering what seems to be currently available, the CC Witness seems to be the "lesser of the evils". However, there are some things tha I personally can't get over. The lack of playlist (M3U) and ID3 tag support is not good, for one thing. Also, lack of a record level control is inexcusable, although I don't know if my uncle, who would be using this and wants one (mp3 player and AM radio - may or may not be the CCW) for his birthday coming up the end of this month, would be using the record feature. He mainly wants to listen to audio files he loads on there, and listen to the radio during his lunch break, so I want to point him to a pocket-sized, reasonably-priced product that blows away the competition for how well it does those two things.
As for the radio, considering he lives in the same general metro area I do, and will be doing most of his listening in the daytime, I would want it to have a good radio... and based on what I'm reading about the CCW, I don't think it's good enough for me to recommend it. For example, I would at least expect to be able to hear usable audio from a 100-watt station on 530 that's 100 miles away or a 500-watt on 1290 that's 200 miles away without any splatter from a non-IBOC 50kW station 1 mile and 10kHz away. My PL-380, while it's sensitive enough to pull in that DX, is definitely not selective / overload rejecting enough to do it next to a strong signal. For example, I'm 9 miles from a 50kW on 1170, and there's no trace of a 50kW on 1180 that's about 230 miles away (and on the other side of the Tehachapi Mountains). At least I'm not trying to find something for my grandma in L.A. to listen to stations on 1100, 1107, 1116, 1120, 1290, 1296, 1305, 1310, 1420, 1431 or 1440 with, though - she lives 1/3 mile from a 23kW on 1300 and a 50kW on 1430, and less than 5 miles from a 50kW IBOC on 1110.

I haven't asked if my uncle would be willing to consider two separate devices (one for mp3 and the other for AM radio). Are there any that you all would recommend whose combined price is no higher than the CCW (preferably much cheaper - he was considering the DE1123 but didn't like the fact that it only had 2GB memory), and combined size is small enough for BOTH to fit in a pocket, with good enough shielding on the mp3 player to not bleed through the radio even when he's listening to a station that the 7.5" loopstick PL-380 can't hear? He may not be the DXer I am, BTW, but I still think the radio he gets should be a good one so the stations he does listen to don't have interference issues.

Any recommendations? Should I suggest the Witness even though I personally think it would turn out to be a piece of , or is there a better solution?

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Hi guys,

I own a CC Witness. It definitely isn't a DSP radio, and its AM performance is inferior to that of other ultralights like the DT-400W and PL-380.

I bought the CCW mainly because of the timer recording capability, not for the reception. However, it works fine with my Terk loop to record local AM stations. Without the loop, the recording circuitry can generate quite a bit of noise. The loop provides sufficient signal to overcome most of this noise. Bit rates above 64 Kbps can cause hets on some AM stations. Since 64 Kbps is sufficient for recording talk radio, this doesn't bother me too much.

The CCW takes SD cards up to 2 GB and SDHC cards up to 16 GB.

I have used the line-in recording capability with my Sony 7600GR, CCRadio-SW and Grundig Sat 800. All of these radios have line out jacks. I generally record line in at 256 Kbps, since there is no het issue with this type of recording.

With the 7600GR and CCR-SW, it's necessary to use a headphone attenuator cable to get distortion-free recordings, since the CC Witness has no recording level control.

With the Sat 800 things are a bit more complicated, as it seems to have a very high line out level. Using sufficient attenuation to prevent the CCW from distorting results in the Sat 800 line out itself distorting, because it can't drive the attenuated load. To get around this, I use a so-called "line driver" amplifier (normally used in car stereos) set on 0 dB gain between the Sat 800 and the attenuator cable. The line driver has no trouble driving the attenuated load.

As an MP3 player, the CCW sounds pretty good, but it's no Ipod. There is no ID3 tag sorting or playlist support, and no color display for album art.

Here are a couple of reviews:

Here is some more info:

Stephen - It sounds like you want an MP3 recorder with an AM radio equal to that in the better ultralights, and including DSP filtering. I don't think such a device exists.

The CCW does what I need it to do, and I'm happy that I bought it.


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The DE1123 does not accept any kind of external memory, and its
recording is at low quality. I wouldn't recommend it as a recorder.
It's OK for FM; the AM seems insensitive and the audio bandwidth is
a measly 2 kHz.

I believe the CCrane AM radio and recorder is called the Witness. I
don't think it's a DSP radio.

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