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robert ross

hey, just joined. forgot who, but somebody from here mentioned this>
group on mediumwave group

thanks! jim n8rpi

Hi Jim:

Welcome to the Ultralight Group from one of the Canadian contingent !!!! Nice to have you aboard....I really got a laugh from your comment that you "Owned more Radios than your wife knows about!!" HHAHAA....That pretty much sums up all of the guys on here I think!!

You'll find pretty much everything you ever wanted to know about Ultralight Radios..or ULR's as they sometimes referred to..we have guys who specialize in Trans-Pacific DX, Trans-Atlantic DX, Building External Antennas, Modifying their ULR's, Domestic DX'ing, and testing out Various new Models to see what's gonna be the next Hot DX Machine on the Block.....

We have Casual Listeners, HardCore DX'ers, and even Beginners...all with the same have FUN with Ultralight Radios.

However Jim...don't let the Ultralight Moniker fool you....some of the DX that get's heard by our members is pretty HEAVY DUTY!! Hanging around this group is not for the faint of're gonna see loggings that you may not believe are possible on a Pocket Radio.....but as time goes'll realize that the Sky is the limit when DXing with ULR's. Everyday the Guys on the Coasts and across the Ocean are logging amazing DX that just makes us all shake our heads in amazement.

Once you have logged a bunch of stations...we also have a Fine Awards Program and I look forward to receiving your Loggings someday soon for a few Awards!! Details of the Awards program can also be found on Website.

So...dive in and have a ball Jim. I think most of us are rather seasoned DX'ers who just got plain Bored of the Current AM BCB scene...and the start of the ULR Movement was just what the doctor ordered to bring some excitement back into the AM BCB Hobby!!

Any away..there's a multitude of knowledgeable guys in the group who will be willing to help!!

73...ROB VA3SW

Robert S. Ross
London, Ontario CANADA

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