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robert ross

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Hello Ultralight-DX friends,

It is a great idea to open this group. I come from the Crystal Rx hobby
as probably many of you.
I live in Switzerland and I am proud to own
a SFR-39, SFR-49 and SFR59. Two of them had to be aligned by me and now
reward me with fine reception. Recently I bought an SFR-T615, but I
must admit, that it is inferior to the analog classics. Adjacent
channel separation is better on the SFR-59 series.
This is very important where I live, because the European AM Band is
full of power stations.
I live in an appartement without outdoor antenna and ground. So I
like to go outside with an SFR-59 and enjoy clear reception free from
electrosmog interference.


Hello Peter.....very nice to have you on the list from Switzerland!!!!! As
well as all the UK fellows, and even a Brazilian DX'er who has been
checking in as well!! It looks like ULR DX'ing is well on it's way to
becoming a worldwide phenomena.....good show guys and the boys over here in
North America look forward to seeing your loggings and input on the Hobby
of ULR DX'ing.

Keep spreading the word guys and lets see what we can do with our tiny
radios........I don't believe we have even touched the surface of what's
possible with a little time and effort.

Welcome to all our World Wide list's a pleasure to have you
aboard!! Your expertise and knowledge will prove most beneficial to all the
list members.


Robert S. Ross VA3SW
Box 1003, Stn. B.
London, Ontario

Antique/Vintage Radio Enthusiast
Amateur Radio Stations VA3SW/VE3JFC

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