Re: newbie


Hey Jim:

Welcome to the group! I hope you will find UltraLighting as interesting
and enjoyable as the rest of us here. Trans-oceanic receptions are
becoming more and more common as DXers figure out how to best use these
little wonders.

The definition of an UltraLight, and a Gallery and Compendium of top
available models, is available at the web site. Just click on the
Ultra-Light File Area icon near the top. Your Grundig Mini 100 is indeed
an UltraLight, but I can't say that the Mini 100 is in the top group.
Fortunately, there are exhaustive ratings as to what models you might want
to consider, depending on your situation.

The $20 Sony you've been hearing about is the Sony SRF-59, widely
available and the receiver that started the whole UltraLight phenomenon.
There is a lot of info on this receiver at the website, including
Gary DeBock's initial review, an SRF-59 Sourcebook, and others.

Again, welcome!

Kevin S.
Bainbridge Island, WA

hey, just joined. forgot who, but somebody from here mentioned this
group on mediumwave group.

anyway, i've played with pretty much all kinds of radio and own more
than my wife knows. i may even own an ultralite. i've got a grundig
mini100. what does this group consider an ultralite? i'm assuming a
cheapie pocket am/fm. i hear in another group a lot about a little
$20.00 sony. \

last, is there a favorite? loaded question and i apologise, but i may
send a few $$$ to amazon for one soon.

thanks! jim n8rpi

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