recommend good AM radio + mp3 player combo?


My uncle is looking for something like in the title for his birthday coming up the end of this month. I've heard there's a Degen radio (DE1123 or DE1125, I forget) that has the Si4734 chip in it, but he also wants something with fairly high capacity. If that one doesn't accept SDHC cards (I'm going to look after I post this) or have at least 16GB or 32GB memory built in, is there another recommended one that has Si4734-like selectivity (but without the elevated RSSI near strong signals that my PL-380 is plagued with - btw he lives about 10-12 mi or so NW of me), good capacity (preferably at least 8GB with a SDHC slot, or 16GB if it has no slot), and a good antenna (but not a slider, as it would be too big)?

I just looked at a few google links for the DE1123 and DE1125, and while I still can't tell if it has an SD card, there are some things I already don't like about it. Could someone recommend another one? The only other one I'm aware of is something like Radio YourWay, or something that CCrane company sells, and while I can't remember accurately, I (think) my aunt (his wife) told me he knew of that model but there was something he didn't like about it, but I forget.

Any recommendations? While he didn't specify, I would prefer to keep the price and size (including any external AM antenna, although I would prefer it be internal) limits within ultralight specifications, even if there are other reasons the radio doesn't qualify as an ultralight.

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