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George Sherman

Radio Shack is an authorized Grundig dealer, so there is a warranty from Eton Corp. But the warranty may be void if radio shows signs of being opened up. Not sure if you need the sales slip to prove date of purchase & from whom. See for more details & to send them an e-mail. 73, George S., MN

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I don't wish to sound negative but I already sit on a G8. That has problems and ? (maybe they still have something to switch it with ?)

If any place (this Yahoo Group) where somebody might open these things up and 'tweak' a question: Grundig/Eton warranty ?

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Curious. If you buy Grundig there is no warranty ?

Thanks for your email Mr. Mitchell. You're still within Radio Shack's 30 day return period for these. I suggest returning them before that period runs out and get a refund. It sounds like they're both defective and we do not have replacements because this product is discontinued. (from Eton Corporation)

ya know...I did not buy to return...

31 days later ?

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