DXing With A New Rig

Kirk <kirk74601@...>

Greetings everyone.
Last week my Eton E-100 Slider met with an unfortunate fall down a flight of stairs. the antenna didn't survive the fall, but the radio is still operable. Anyway, after telling Gary DeBock about the accident, he came to the rescue with a new (to me) Slider rig complete with another E-100 modified with the narrow bandwidth Murata filter. Last night I played around with it for the first time and already logged one new station with it!

1390, KJAM, Madison, SD, 0900 UTC, 7/11/10, faded up for a few minutes with oldies mx like Stevie Wonder. ID at the TOH. QRM from co-channel stations including an UNID XE station. Sta #672.

Thanks, Gary!

Kirk Allen
Ponca City, OK

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