Re: Grundig G8 for $25 at National Geographic site

Phil Pasteur

That is what I was thinking too, caveat emptor.

It is interesting, I looked at pictures on Amazon and Universal radio and they don't match with the one at National Geographic. Specifically the one at Nat Geo has no "lock" text in red under the Snooze/Light button while the Universal/Amazon radio does.. Next buttons to the right the Nat geo unit has two arrows, one up, one down with 9-10 khz under one and FM set under the other. The corresponding buttons on the Universal/Amazon pictures are labled Display and VF/VM. The next button to the right is AM/LW and the next FM on the Nat Geo unit. These buttons have lines underneath them connecting the button with ATS in the middle. The corresponding buttons an the Universal/Amazon radio are SW, with MB underneath it and FM/AM/LW with ATS underneath it.

On the other side of the display under the power button the Nat Geo radio has a buton labeled Display with a key under it and then one labled VF/VM with the word Step under it.. The corresponding buttons on the Universal/Amazon set have a down arrow and and up arrow over each respectively with the word AUTO between the arrows. As mentioned, in the pictures the display on the Nat Geo unit looks almost orange. The Universal/amazon radio has an pale green display.

I have lots of radios, but this is a good deal and almost makes me want to pick one up to try to duplicate Roys work. I just don't want to get the wrong radio for that project.

I wish I could attach the pictures.
Yahoo will probably butcher these, but they are links to zoomed pictures of the two units that can be panned:




BTW, thanks for the response!

Phil, I just looked at my Grundig Traveller II G8 that I bought from Eton directly and, for what it's worth, the buttons are the same. The backlight on mine is sort of amber too.

If you're not sure of what NatGeo is offering then "caveat emptor"

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