Re: Grundig G8 for $25 at National Geographic site


Phil, I just looked at my Grundig Traveller II G8 that I bought from Eton directly and, for what it's worth, the buttons are the same. The backlight on mine is sort of amber too.

If you're not sure of what NatGeo is offering then "caveat emptor"

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I am curious. Taking a close look at the radio at the above link I notice tha the buttons are marked differently than the pictures that I found of the G8 Traveller II. The dial backlight is a different color as well. Would this be the Tecsun version of the radio or did they have a traveller I perhaps. It does look very similar, but different enough that I though I would ask those that have the current G8 model.


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Here's the link.
I paid $50 for mine and I like it.
For $25 it's a good deal.

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