Puyallup, WA TP's for 9-30- Sony SRF-S84 Saves the Day

Gary DeBock

Good Morning,
     It was quite obvious at first check (1315) that last night's great TA conditions had somehow fizzled out, at least at this modest DX location.  The powerhouses and a few other seasonal powers had good audio, but there were only anemic carriers on the other frequencies I was chasing (945,1035, 1143, etc.), so I decided to try for a new kind of thrill.
     JOAK-594 was booming in at 1349, so I grabbed the smallest Ultralight on the planet, the 1.19" loopstick Sony SRF-S84 (1.4 ounces).  The radio practically looks like an attachment to the headphone plug. Anyway, after some serious tuning and nulling of CKBD-600, I had a decent heterodyne on the ultra-tiny radio, and proceeded to wait for the TP signal to come up.  It finally did!  JOAK-594 was received at my very modest, salt-water free location on the smallest Ultralight on the planet.  What a thrill!
    Which points out the biggest advantage of Ultralight DXing--  you can choose your own challenge level, from the "full pachage" modified E100 (with performance exceeding that of a stock ICF-2010 or E1) down to the microscopic SRF-S84, which forces you to use all your DXing skill for the strongest of TP's.  What a great new way to enjoy a great hobby!
     73, Gary 

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