Re: More on my ultralight experience

Bill M <radioexray@...>

neilbellgroups wrote:
This means many MW stations lie either to the north or to the south.
Using loops or loopsticks means that trying to null out a station to
the north also nulls stations to the south. Obviously, this
complicates DXing to the north or south.
Something I stumbled on once was the ability to get a unidirectional effect using an air-loop (big one, 24" on a side) coupled with a 1-2 turn loop around the case of a transistor radio. As it was explained to me, what was happening was some combination of signal cancellation between the radio's internal ferrite antenna vs the loop.

I didn't do any precise testing...I sorta fell on it accidentally.

Nevertheless, it sounds like a good area for experimentation with a pair of loops/loopsticks for guys who are located in places like the west coast US.


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