Re: FM station 500 on an UL

robert ross

Paul Logan wrote:

Hi all,

I wouldnt have thought it possible not so long ago..but I have yesterday logged station 500 on teh FM band using a barefoot Ultralight. It was 92.4 Radio Sintony from the Italian island of Sardinia via E skip. FM total is now 510 with 4/5th's being E skip rather than tropo. Receivers used have been the PL310 and PL300WT.

Heres what has been ehard over recent days.

97.0 1228 03/07/2010 Austria Ö1 Sankt Pölten/Jauerling nie 1706
94.4 1249 03/07/2010 Germany Bayern 3 Brotjacklriegel bay 1545

Bravo Paul.....your FM DX antics continue to amaze!!! 500 FMs on a BAREFOOT absolutely unbelievable!! I wish I could pry myself away from the Big Rigs on FM....but with 2,030 Stations's pretty hard to get new ones on an Ultralight from here!

I admire your persistence, and thanks for proving to the world just what can be accomplished on an Ultralight Receiver....especially on the FM Band!

Sure has been a Great Year for E-Skip so far!! Hopefully more to come...Maybe you can hit 600 before Season's end...especially when the Tropo starts!

Keep Loggin' 'Em Paul......

73...ROB VA3SW

Robert S. Ross
London, Ontario CANADA

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